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exam▓ple to illustrate China's commitment to contribute to the development and prosperity in the Asia-Paci▓fic.Diana Gomez, a professor at National Univer▓sity of Colombia, said that using the▓ sweet potato as an example is very▓ impressive.Gomez said Xi's speech shows that "China deepens its opening-up while retaining its own characteristics. Chile, Mexico and Peru set good▓ examples for Latin American countrie

s to learn how to cooperate with China."Please scan the QR Code to follow us on Inst

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agramPlease scan the QR Co▓de to follow us on WechatAbout MooncakesAbout MooncakesAbout Mooncakes09-14-20▓16 17:18 BJTMo

oncakes are traditionally Ch▓inese pastries generally eaten during the Mid-Autumn ▓Festival. The festival typically invo

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lves family getting together to sha▓re mooncakes while watching the moon.Typical Chinese mooncakes are round in shape, an

d measure around▓ 10 cm (4 inches) in diameter and 4-5 cm (2 inches) in thickness. Most mooncakes consist of a thin tende

tivity to achieve inter

r skin enveloping a sweet, dense filling.Mooncak▓es are usually eaten in small wedges shared by family members. They ar

e generally served with▓ Chinese tea, and very rarely, mooncakes are served steamed or fried.Mooncakes are the must-eat ?/p>

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坒ood for the Mid-Autumn Festival. It was custo▓mary for house wives to prepare mooncakes at home when the festival was a

pproaching.Howeve▓r, as the production is labor-intensive and they are widely available in markets, very few people make

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them at home nowadays.History of MooncakesAt the end of the Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368, a dynasty ruled by the Mongols), the Han peopl▓e's army wanted to overthrow the rule of Mongols so▓ they planned an uprising, but they had no way to inform every Han people who wanted to join them t▓he time of the uprising without being discover▓ed by the Mongols. One da

y, the military counselor of the Han people's army, Liu Bowen, thought out a stratagem related to mooncakes. L▓iu Bowen asked his soldiers to spread the rumor▓ that there would be a serious disease in winter and eating mooncakes was the only way to cure the disease, then he asked soldiers to write "uprising, on the night▓ of the Mid-Autumn Festival" on slips

of paper, put them into mooncakes and then sell them▓ to common Han people. When the night of the Mid▓-Autumn Festival came a huge uprising broke out. From t▓hen on, people have eaten mooncakes every Mid-Autumn Festival to co

mmemorate the uprising.Nowadays, people also like appreciating the moon on ▓Autumn Moon Festival. Family members h▓ave dinner together in the evening of the festival.Tra▓ditional Mooncakes·FillingsThe types of filling

vary according to the region's tradition. The most used fillings are as follows:Lotus seed paste (鑾茶搲, lían ▓róng): It is made from dried lotus seeds. Lotus seed paste is considered by some people the most ▓

delicious and luxurious filling for mooncakes.Sweet bean pas▓te (璞嗘矙, dòu sh膩): There are seve▓ral types of sweet bean paste: mung bean paste, red bean paste and black bean potato paste. Red ▓bean paste is the most c

ommonly used filling for mooncakes.Five kernel (浜斾粊, w菙 rén): This filling consists of 5 types of nuts and seeds. The types of nuts and seeds v▓ary according to different regions, but commonly used nuts and seeds i

nclude: w▓alnuts, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, peanuts, sesame seeds and almonds.Egg yolk: A whole salted egg yolk is placed in the center of mooncakes to ▓symbolize the full moon.Jujube paste: A ▓sweet paste made from th

e ripe fruits of the jujube (date) plant. It is dark red in ▓color.·Regional Varieties of MooncakesThe variety of mooncakes varies according▓ to different regions. The fillings used in mooncakes depend on local eati

ation to crea▓te more i

ng culture and tradition. The most popular variations include:Cantonese-style mooncakesCa▓ntonese-style mooncakes originate from South Chin▓a's Guangdong Province. The ingredients used in the▓ fillings are various, which reflects the Guangdong people's adventurous nature in eating. The most used ingredients include lotus seed paste, melon seed paste,▓ ham, chick


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have been prov ed to b▓e ben eficial to millions of peopl e around the world and they expect the proce ss to continue a nd extend, said Modderma n.While ▓proble ms are inevi table, there a re needs for new negot iations and invitati ons to more economies to join in t he process, he add ed.In his speec?/a> 坔, Xi use d a sweet potato as an 阿城市5G 抚远县wap 乐清市5G 河间市5G 南江县5G 富裕县5G 都江堰市wap 比如县wap 阿尔山市wap 鄢陵县5G 平武县5G 淮北市5G 南充市5G 色达县5G 蓬安县wap 赞皇县5G 宁海县5G 绥中县wap 忠县wap 芦溪县wap 求传奇私服免费外挂 手机传奇私服怎么开 单机传奇私服架设教程 今日新开热血传奇私服 热血传奇私服外挂免费版 热血传奇私服1.85合击 安卓传奇私服 传奇私服用什么客户端 刚开传奇私服开服表 1.76传奇私服金币版